The power of choice

The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years is the power of choice.

No matter what the situation or circumstance, I have a choice about how I handle myself. My will, my choice. I can choose to allow myself to be out of control when things happen (like an overnight plumbing issue that took 6 hours to fix, a car that needed a belt + another thing replaced &  a furnace that stopped running, all within 3 weeks of each other) or I can choose to remain calm and trust that even though this is a surprise to me, it is not not a surprise to God.

Even when the path gets rocky, I know I can ask God to steady my heart while I wait to see His hand move in my situation.

He is good above all and to be trusted with my life, my circumstances… with it all.

My prayer is that all those who come in contact with me would get a glimpse of how amazing God is through watching Him move in our lives. He is the only one worthy of praise. It darn skippy ain’t me. I’m a mess without Him. Ok, ok, I’m sometimes a mess with Him, too.

Praying this year is full of unexpected blessings for you!

**** PS- Unexpected money for 2/3 repairs came within HOURS of them! God is always working even when we can’t see it.


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