What’s up in Kipeland, final installment

So the last update is below:



Yep! Through a crazy, God – ordained series of events,  we had a birth Momma ask us if we would adopt her baby. I have so much love for this Momma & we are all over the moon excited for our 3rd daughter to be born!

Daddy is thrilled because he gets another Daddy’s girl to adore him (& wrap him around her little finger). And I get another Princess to dress up!

As with every adoption, we ask that you pray for all parties involved. Our Birth Momma is an incredibly strong, selfless woman but this isn’t going to be easy for her.

And for us.. As with Elijah’s adoption, God has said “go” but we are not financially prepared so we are praying that He would open the floodgates as we prepare to add this precious gem to our family in a few short months!

Thank you family for praying with us, loving us and journeying with us! You are all so special to us!

Many, many, blessings,  dear ones!


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