What’s up in Kipeland, take 2

One of the most exciting things happening is that we are moving “back home!”

While it technically isn’t home for me it is the area where Dustin grew up. And it feels like home to me. Not only will we be surrounded by family (for the first time in over 7 years) but we get to serve with a church that is passionate about serving their community.

Dustin & I have often joked that meeting with a Pastor/Board about a position is really like a blind date. You don’t see much of what goes on behind the scenes (for either party) and everyone has their best food forward and their crazy at bay. Thankfully for us, the Lead Pastor of the church we are going to was Dustin’s youth pastor growing up and we know and love many of the families in the church already. So they’ve seen all our crazy and seem to love us anyway!

This position was totally random and out of the blue, but it makes total sense for our family. Not only do the girls get to spend time surrounded by family,  but we get to serve in a church where who God made us, just fits. I don’t know how to explain it other than we know with 100% certainty that God has ordained this and are super excited to see what He does in the coming months and years. I can’t express how excited I am about our future here.

We will leave behind many, many friends who have become family and for that,  I am truly saddened. However,  I’m glad that we are only a short ride away because my real people can’t get rid of me that easily!

So tell me what’s new in your neck of the woods! I would love to hear!

Oh & there is one more update coming. It’s kind of a big deal & I can’t wait to share!!! More on that tomorrow..


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