About Princess Jasmine

My heart has always been for adoption. From as long as I can remember,  I always knew that I wanted to grow my family this way.

Of course, most of you know that we brought Elijah home after 2.5 years of fighting the US government in Ethiopia because of corruption within agencies working there. Although he was only with us for just shy of 6 months, he was in my heart long before we landed here and will be in our hearts forever.

One of the hardest things about that adoption process for me was fundraising. Honestly,  I would have much preferred that God would have dropped a $25,000 check in my lap to cover the costs so I wouldn’t have to “ask” for help. But God likes to keep me humble and so we did ask and you guys were absolutely incredible in answering the call.

I vowed to everyone around me that I would never fundraise again. That the next adoption would be through the State so I wouldn’t have to ask for money again or we would take time to save money and be “prepared.”

And so you know what happened? We were put in a position to answer the call of adoption even though the circumstances aren’t ideal. Every bit of savings we had was depleted while Dustin was out of work for a few months. And we are in the process of relocating. And the list of reasons why this isn’t the way we planned goes on and on.

But we never once considered not adopting our Jasmine. Parents do whatever is necessary for their children. It’s just what you do regardless of how it affects you or your silly pride.

Let me just be clear: I would rather drive a nail through my eye than be in this place (needing money) again. But I would also rather drown while answering Jesus’ call onto the water than be safe on the boat. There’s no life to be found there.

So here we are.  Needing half of what we needed last time, but still in need.

If you would please share the fundraising page that one of my dear friends setup for us, I would be so very grateful. The proceeds will allow us to open our hearts and lives to the newest Kipe family member.

The link can be found here: Princess Jasmine

I don’t know why you are all so amazing to us but I’m so thankful for this little Internet space that has been a source of love, of strength and continual encouragement from you all to me!

Praying so many blessings for you all! Thank you for journeying with us!


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