For my honey on Valentine’s Day

On this Valentines Day, I sit and reflect on the past 10+ years with this one man. This week we celebrated being married for 9 years! I know it is cliché but those years just flew by.

I often wondered what 10 years with one person would feel like. I wondered if we would tire of one another, whether the admiration would fade or the time would wear the love away.

What I’ve found is that love is a choice, an action. And actions don’t fade unless we stop them. Choices can be made over and over again.

This love of ours has withstood the true tests of time. Over job gains and losses, the bearing of children, the hills and the valleys and the loss of our son. The adoption processes, the betrayals that cut us to our core, the misunderstandings and the muddling through parenting- in the midst of the mess there was always you.

I never imagined needing anyone but I’m glad that I’ve learned that it’s ok to need you. And I am humbled that I get to walk this journey with you because truly, I can not imagine this life with anyone else.

Thank you for being you, Dustin. I love you forever and a day! Can’t wait to see where the next 10 years lead us.


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