Provision for our Princess

You all know that we are CONSTANTLY trusting God for this thing or that thing but today I wanted to share with you a little praise report.

We are SUPER conservative when it comes to spending so that we can pay for our homestudy, etc during this adoption process.

Just this morning I sat in prayer over the “things” we would need for Jasmine. Today’s prayer was specifically over the clothing.  Before Elijah came home, we gave away all of the babygirl clothes we had between the orphanage in Ethiopia and friends who had girls.

I just thanked God for always providing and set my mind at ease as I thought about all the times God had provided before.

A few hours later, I thought about a friend I haven’t caught up with in a while. And in the process of texting her, she let me know that she had several TOTES full of newborn clothing for our Princess.

Dustin & I haven’t done anything special that would make us “deserve” this treatment. We are just ordinary people who trust an EXTRA ORDINARY God to meet needs when He has called us to something.

I’m not sure what God is calling you to today but I am positive that as you step out in faith, He will meet your needs, whatever they are.


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