Love more

I want to warn you. I’m about to rant.

I have quite the love/hate relationship with social media. It can be such an amazing tool that we use to connect and share our lives with those who we know or want to get to know better. But it can also be a tool that people use to bully those around them. This is especially heartbreaking when it is Christians who are doing the bullying.

I don’t claim to be perfect and I absolutely don’t always know the correct way to respond in every situation but I do know that in Jesus’ 33 years on Earth, he only turned the tables over once. He didn’t actually spend his whole time here blasting people for their choices but rather, he chose more often than not to love them through their situations. He met needs and then helped people see what was wrong with the state of their hearts.

Why, then do we always feel compelled to do it the other way around?

It makes me so incredibly sad for those outside of the church. No wonder they are afraid to come through the church doors!

How can we be effective as Christians if we can’t stop judging people long enough to love them?

What if we opted to love people where they are and allowed the Holy Spirit to do his job? Am I saying not to speak the truth?  No way! But please, for the love of God, do it in such a way that it honors Him!

We don’t always have to be the ones to “speak out.” We can live the difference and our lives can do the speaking for us!

A friend had “Live Out Love” on an adoption tshirt and I absolutely loved that! That is what we are called to do. Be love. Live love out so passionately that those who see it have no choice but to ask what is different about us.

I mean,  that is kind of what Jesus did. He didn’t only teach the masses,  he loved the masses. Love spurred the healings and miracles.

What have you allowed love to spur you onto lately? 


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