Jasmine Is Almost Here & We Need Your Help!

With our Birth Mom (or baby momma, as she affectionately refers to herself) due in May and experiencing a bit of preterm labor, we’re feeling the urge to push and the desire to celebrate as we check the necessary steps off our to-do-before-baby list. We’d love your help with both as we prepare to bring her home! We’re in the process of finding and moving into said home and we are feeling the time crunch like all expectant families do this close to delivery day. We know God is at work sorting all the details out, and still, it gets overwhelming at times. What’s that? You can relate? Of course you can.

To help us during these final weeks before our littlest girl is born, we’ve come up with some fun ways to celebrate this crazy time in our lives and your willingness to help meet the financial needs of a family pushing through the red tape and legal fees that come with adopting a bundle of joy.

About those needs…

  • Thanks to your generous donations, we’ve met our home-study costs. We’re so grateful and excited to check that off the list!
  • Next up, we’ll need $2000 by the time she’s born. This money goes to the lawyers for filing paperwork to start the process and allow for us to take her home.
  • After that, it’s $2000 for each of three court dates, as we finalize the adoption.

Instead of looking at that as $8000, which we’d love to have all stacked up and ready to go, we’re going to look at this one month and the one chunk we need right away. No. We’re going to take that $2000 need and make if feel a bit smaller (and a lot more fun) by breaking it into 4 weekly goals of $500 with giveaways to celebrate each victory we have in Jesus!

Each week we meet our goal of $500, we’re giving away 2 of these gorgeous bracelets made by fellow adoptive mom, Mary Ann Shrum. After bonding with Mary Ann over our adoptions, we knew we wanted to buy our fundraising gifts from her shop, Cutie Patutuz, and we snapped up all the bracelets she had available. We just knew God would use them to bless our family and hers, and we’re hoping they’ll bless you, too.

When we reach this first $2000 need, we’ll be giving away a personalized Rodan+Fields skincare regimen worth up to $200! You know, because bigger wins deserve bigger celebrations, naturally. 

We can’t thank you enough for your prayers, efforts to spread the word of our needs, and your willing generosity to give toward the funds our amazing God is providing to bring Jasmine home! Click here to contribute. (While all donations given through Go Fund Me will still be put toward the adoption, we’re switching to Continue to Give in order to cut the fees the funding site takes.)

Let’s get the first giveaway party underway, shall we?!

Anyone who donates $25 or more can enter to win, and we’ve thrown in some simple ways to earn more entries by sharing this post with your friends! Be sure to use the form below to enter. Oh, and come back throughout the week for even more chances to enter.

Click here for the entry form, hosted by Rafflecopter.

Winners will get to choose from among these gorgeous bracelets as long as supplies last:


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