On J.D. & his victims

Once again,  I find myself a little saddened by the public outcry for “poor Josh Duggar.” It’s the same cry I heard when Bill Cosby’s fans came running to his aide because those women “obviously were gold diggers, or asked for it, or wanted it since they were alone with him.”

I’m saddened because in our society when a victim of sexual abuse comes forward, we pick apart her case while painting a picture of hero for the perpetrator. They get put on a pedestal while any skeletons the victim has in his/her closet are aired. No wonder girls don’t want to come forward when Coach Gross has been inappropriate or Pastor Handsy touched them. Our society doesn’t make it safe for them and they know it.

I have to be honest,  I don’t give a lick about whether he has truly repented or not. I wholeheartedly believe that NO ONE is too far God. And frankly,  that isn’t my judgment call to make. That would require me to know his heart, which I can’t possibly know.

But here’s what I do know. I know that a crime was committed and as far as the information we’ve been given, it doesn’t seem that it was punished as a crime.

Your 14 steals food from your neighbors house?  Sure. Send him away for a week at house – building camp. That discipline should help.

But what if 14 year old Josh had consistently beat his younger sisters? Would we chalk it up to “boys will be boys?” Would we nervously declare that he’ll grow it out of it?

No. If a 14 year old had a pattern of beating a 6 year old, we would all be outraged. That child would be in anger management so quick he would know what hit him and he would likely not be allowed around other children.

Here’s the deal, people, sexual assault is much more violent. It is a violent crime against someone’s inner person,  in which the victim loses all sense of safety and privacy.

Let me tell you something, heaven forbid some 14 year old beat the tar out of my 6 year old even once, let alone several times. At the very first utterance they would be in jail, no matter how much I love them. And how much more of a responsibility do I have to protect her innocence?

I’m sure I’m going to get all kinds of crazy comments but I won’t relent. It’s time that our society did better. Victims get victimized twice because, at worst we villainize them, and at best, we sweep it under the rug with yesterday’s dog hair.

It’s time we did better.


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