200 miles for a scooter

About a week and a half ago Miss A (our 7 yr old) asked me if she could pray for this Razor scooter she had been wanting. I need to be honest here because I really wanted to tell her “that’s ridiculous” but I refuse to crush her and knew that response would do just that. So I sheepishly agreed.

Today, while on vacation 200 miles away, a woman in the development we are staying in was giving away a jogging stroller that I had been pricing out so I could jog while the girls rode their bikes. Just imagine our surprise when we found a RAZOR scooter folded up on top of the stroller!

While I have been pricing jogging strollers, nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming feelings of joy I had to see our big girl’s prayer answered.

Once she saw the scooter, she immediately told me “Oh my goodness. God did THAT for ME. I can’t wait to share about this!”

So much about her prayer, her faith and her subsequent response to this “tiny” miracle have been lessons for me.

I pray she learns some from me along the way, too but I think I’m doing more learning here lately.


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